Thursday, April 4, 2013

Emerald City bone marrow rodeo: day 2

First, I want to thank those who have donated to my BMT-sans-bankrupcy cause already. You guys have helped us pay for parking and gas already, which is a huge help. None too soon, I might add. I found out today that the month of April is a gap month for my disability check, so I won't get my next one until May. This makes me unable to contribute to the household bills back in Portland, which don't stop barreling toward us while I am up here no matter how hard I squeeze my eyes shut and make wishes. I was choked up when I saw today that people had already responded to my mewls while the presses were still hot. Thank you for your generosity, friends. Your kindness blows me away.

Today was much easier than yesterday. I had a chest X-ray and an EKG, a meeting with my social worker, another with my nutritionist, and one with the head doctor for Team Lime. I also met with people from Financial Services and Housing who are sorting out the particulars of my housing situation, particularly how it will be paid for. It sounds like there are funds available that might cover half the cost of my room, but the leftover fees will still be more than my apartment in Portland. Eep! Here's to hoping we can find grants or charity that can help decrease my contribution by 75% of the room total. Even with that cost looming, I was more relaxed today than yesterday. I didn't have to get up at 7am or ride in traffic for three hours, I knew I had a place to rest when all my appointments were done, and I didn't have a single exam where I had to get naked. T bought us all an amazing sushi dinner, too! The salmon belly was exquisite and the perfect last sushi before I have to refrain from sweet, sweet raw fish. Speaking of my dietary restrictions, I was happy to learn I can still eat raw fruits and vegetables so long as they are washed thoroughly. It is not recommended I drink Ensure, but I am absolutely allowed to have smoothies with yogurt so I don't have to worry about those days when I'm too tired to eat.

The Hutch is a lovely place to have cancer treatment. The waiting areas mostly look out over the water and on clear days you can see a stretch of mountain range in the distance. Everyone is very friendly and obviously understands how daunting this whole process is. I have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow afternoon and I'm confident it will be a less traumatic experience than biopsy number three when I was held down while an impatient PA drilled a hole in my hip.

Good night.

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