Monday, April 8, 2013

Emerald City list of BMT prep minutia: day 6

Here are the things of note that happened today:

1) I woke up from a night of sleeping in 2-hour rounds and really could not function until 1pm, when I realized I needed to leave for the clinic in thirty minutes and had completely missed my morning and noon doses of pain killers.

2) I spent at least an hour in crazy pain, some of which time I pitifully cried in the bathroom because using the toilet was both too painful to handle and a little scary thanks to the withdrawal spins.

3) I met my team pharmacist who is very sweet and knowledgable and let me ask a million questions about chemistry. Bear in mind, I love science but haven't actually taken much chemistry. I learned I will be taking something like ten or twelve pills a day for a while before and after my transplant.

4) I met with the nurse for my team who fills in on my regular nurse's day off. She very sweetly answered my incessant questions about the Hickman line, even though that wasn't necessarily the point of our meeting. The Hickman line is interesting and unsettling, but I at least feel a little less unnerved about the whole situation. Give me the science or factual explanation over platitudes any day. I will share this new knowledge later, when I can type two-handed. Yes, my other hand is occupied right now. Don't be gross, certain friends who know who you are.

5) Mom and I went to the bead store for findings so I can start to make little "thank you" items for all the folks who have been helping us pay for gas, groceries, parking (why is parking so crazy expensive in Seattle? They do not use that money to fill in potholes in the side streets.), prescription co-pays, and such. Every day there is a new e-mail telling me a friend has quietly added to the fund, and every day I cry happy little tears of gratitude to myself that I am blessed with such gracious, generous friends. I cannot wait to hug you all and somehow pay this kindness forward. I am blessed, truly.

6) We ate rice bowls with Yumm sauce. If you do not know what Yumm sauce is, go to Eugene and eat at Cafe Yumm. Or come here and have some that my mom makes. It is fantastic and healthy and makes you feel powerful and full.

7) I found out B and R are coming up to visit on Saturday so Mom and I can get some time in with our partners but still have Sunday to rest up for the coming week. I am excited to see them both.

8) I also found out people have sent cards to my apartment! It sounds like they have mostly come from the women in my writer's group, who I will miss very much tomorrow from 10-12:00.

9) I decided to cut my hair even closer to the intended pixie cut after my bath ritual and nearly cut my dang ear off. That was twenty minutes ago, and I just now got the bleeding under control. I feel like a low platelet idiot. I am typing with one hand and holding a giant wad of tissues to my pitiful ear with the other, since it took no time to bleed right through the bandage.

10) Someone asked me to add my donate button to a newer post, so I did that now:

11) I went to bed and tried not to smudge blood around on the white linens.

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