Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Emerald City of poor internet access: day 7

Mom and I moved into our temporary permanent apartment today. It is in the building where we will stay for the duration, but we are in a small, single bedroom unit until a large, two-bedroom apartment becomes available at the end of the month. It is clean and convenient, if a bit worn down. The people who run the building are very nice and the building is in the U district so I imagine the overall experience here will be a good one. Mom and I already discovered a good Indian restaurant and a frozen yogurt spot that serves avocado-coconut frozen yogurt, mochi bits as toppings, and a staggering variety of boba tea combinations. I am not a big "fro yo" fan, but the avocado-coconut flavor is outstanding, especially accompanied by multi-colored mochi sprinkles. Granted, I won't be getting out much post-transplant, but there is enough time between now and then for me to wander the U district that I can kind of pretend I am on vacation in Seattle while inhaling the perfume of a couple dozen tiny Asian, Greek, and "etcetera" restaurants that stretch along Roosevelt around 45th Street. I feel bad for being so dismissive about Seattle all these years. If I had spent time with people who did anything outside downtown or their own living rooms, I might not have been so bored with the city. I found a pocket that speaks my language and today I am in love.

Most of today has been about not passing out or only passing out in appropriate settings like in bed. I am exhausted from all the procedures, exams, and meetings and I have not been sleeping well. I have the insomnia problem that has cursed me since puberty, but my pain medicines and homesickness don't help that at all. I miss my brothers and nearly-sisters-in-law and (maybe especially) my nephew. I miss my lovely friends and the wise women o my writers group. I miss my perfect mattress and fluffy, down comforter. I also miss my high-speed wifi, since there is a noticeable shortage of such in both short-term and long-term housing. At short-term, there was wifi, but it was so slow I couldn't load my Blogger dashboard in any time under ten minutes, let alone wait out an insomnia issue with some Hulu time. Here, there is a cable modem in the living room but no router so I have to plug into an Ethernet cable that doesn't reach the bedroom. I'm currently blogging from my phone. It is hard to type fast enough to keep up with my brain. Anyhow, I have been too exhausted to function most of the day and have been kind of a wreck both physically and emotionally as a result. Hence the Indian food and frozen yogurt; sometimes the best cure for feeling miserable is a plate of chicken tikka masala and something to cool off the stomach after.

I promise some good writing soon. Tomorrow maybe I will suck it up and plug in and write from the living room.

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