Saturday, April 6, 2013

Evergreen State medical vacation: day 4

I skipped updating yesterday because I decided to go home with my mom for the weekend. She took T and R back down to Castle Rock to pick up our car and drive back home until transplant time. I had planned to enjoy some alone time to explore Seattle, but at the last minute decided I was better off resting my hole-punched hip in the woodlands where Mom lives. It was a good decision. I got to visit with B, my maternal step-mom (my mom's partner) and hang out on a comfortable couch with dogs on my lap. Sleep is better here, since the only sounds outside are rain, wind, and the creek that meanders through the property; the short-term room in Seattle overlooks noisy construction. I absolutely needed this. My first half-week was a dress rehearsal, and an exhausting one at that. Having a rejuvenating weekend at my second home has me mostly ready for the real show and I relay that because I'm not going to get another chance to just do normal life things at home for a while.

I had a pulmonary test, blood draw, and bone marrow biopsy on Friday. I am tired right now but tomorrow I will write more on them. The pulmonary test and biopsy are pretty good stories. Tomorrow is another day of rest so Mom and I are headed up to Poulsbo to visit my cousin and then we will stop by the home of family friends nearby before taking the ferry back to Seattle. Monday starts the next series of appointments and should also be the day I am assigned an apartment at Transplant House. Cross your fingers.

Thanks to the folks who have made donations of various sizes to my "staying afloat" fund; you are angels and every little bit helps ease the worries that distract from focusing our energy on the healing and wellness side of things.

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