Saturday, July 13, 2013

Emerald City of Chemotherapy Conditioning: day 0-6

Today was my second day of Busulfan. I have two more days to go and then I go to the hospital. Two days of Cytoxan and a day of rest and then it's DAY ZERO, Y'ALL.

My blood counts were already super low yesterday, so I spent most of today hooked up to a super-concentrated red cell product. Donor blood, B neg. Hourly blood draws to check my chemo levels, napping, and chatting with my mom. It really wasn't all that bad. The infusion room mattress was Tempurpedic and there was cold ginger ale down the hall for stomach upset. I had a bit of a swerve-y stomach today, but mostly my anti-nausea drugs and Busulfan all just made me real tired. I think tomorrow might be rough. Walking to and from the restroom always makes me feel like I've speed-walked a few miles and hopped right in to bed without cool down or stretching, out-of-breath and sore all over.

My mind is constantly begging me to let it doze today. Right now is no exception. I can't focus on anything, not even television, not even sitting upright in the bath. Not even writing this blog. But I guess even that has merit as far as documentation goes.

I'll tell you about some things of which I fond: funny, friendly nurses; medical staff, family members, and friends who understand what a mind-fucking experience this is and show me extra love and never mind when I cry a little; ginger ale; five kinds of anti-nausea drugs; ginger ale and Japanese soda fizz candy; junk TV and Gilmore Girls; sleep, naps, nodding off; beautiful summer days where the sun sparkles off the water and almost hurts my eyes from six floors up; chicken with broth over rice; paper letters in the mail; dreaming big, reasonable dreams.

Good night, y'all. I love you!

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