Monday, July 22, 2013

Emerald City of WHERE IS MY BODY? day 3

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  1. Oh man, fingers crossed for good blood counts. I hope you are not going too stir crazy in that room, I get tired of being in bed myself fairly quickly. I was in San Diego recently, and my friends very graciously put me up in a spare room, but the mattress they had me on was quite possibly the least comfortable thing I've ever slept on. There was much tossing and turning!

    In other news, I am starting to learn Japanese and am having fun practicing hiragana. I am playing an 8-bit game called "Hiragana Pixel Party" which is strangely addictive. I'm only up to the s-sounds though.

    I hope this phase gets better soon and you're out of that room though! You will be back out in the fresh air before you know it. Thanks for sharing your experience in these blog posts.