Monday, August 12, 2013

Emerald City of bye-bye hospital stay GIF ROUNDUP!

Seriously; I have worked hard.

Mom and I have watched a lot of Gilmore Girls on a TV up near the ceiling, waiting for
my neutrophil counts to clear the "discharge threshold."

And then they did! 
I was so excited to leave, I ran around my hospital room, packing and tidying up
...and also just running around.

And I called my family and friends who were all as pleased as me.
I called my brotherdonor and even though I had to leave a message,
I know we did our happy dances together.

For a while, I waited giddily for my discharge paperwork...
...but forgot how long it really takes to get discharged from a hospital.
I did some half-assed crafting and waited impatiently.

Finally, they let me go and Mom and I whooped it up all the way to the apartment.

This is just true.
I wish this was a better .gif I stole because it looks like Paris has a tic.

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  1. You HAVE worked hard. Holy shit! You just rocked a bone marrow transplant so hard they let you out early! If that doesn't call for celebrating you, I don't know what does. Thinking very positive thoughts about your continued recovery, and what a strong, awesome person you are.